Preschool Week in Review - Thanksgiving

This week, we started some fun Thanksgiving activities in our little home preschool.

Ben also had his own agenda, so as long as it wasn't television, I let a few things go that I wanted to do and let him choose activities too.  None of those were Thanksgiving themed, but that's OK.  They were all learning experiences.

We started part of our Thanksgiving unit. We made a mini book on Thanksgiving that I downloaded from DLTK. This is almost finished, as Ben decided he was done coloring for awhile and I didn't push the issue.

And we had lots of fun with a "design your own turkey" that I made him!

I found the idea on My Montessori Journey and decided that we had to have one. Thankfully, I had all the supplies but the feathers which made it a very cost effective project.
  • Cut your turkey from craft foam, hot glue it all together.  Don't forget the googly eyes, the waddle, beak, and legs!
  • Hot glue feathers to clothespins, with the pointy end by the clothespin's mouth.
  • Let everything dry, and decorate your turkey!  

Clothespins are great for fine motor skills and the turkey is adaptable for math games as well.  Can you make a turkey with 5 feathers?  What if we take away 2 feathers, how many feathers does Mr. Turkey have? 

Ben is very serious about his turkey decorating.  This activity has come out multiple times in the last several days.  It was more popular than I would have imagined.

And as usual, we read lots of books. I tried to add our favorite Thanksgiving titles below and I plan to save a few other non-holiday favorites for our "What My Children Are Reading" post tomorrow.

Ben's other, non-Thanksgiving choices for this week:
  • He wanted to make a puzzle gallery again. Basically, he takes out every single puzzle we own that he can complete and sets them up all around the foyer & dining room. We get to visit like it's an art gallery to admire his creations.
  • He discovered a Max and Ruby workbook that I think I bought in Canada. He became quite intent on completing the whole book, so he worked on that whenever Faith was doing her seatwork. 
  • He made a birthday card for Grandma and created a sticker design on it. 
  • He enjoyed some more of the pom pom sorting and scooping from last week, then pretended he made us cookies to eat. 
Join us next week for more Thanksgiving fun!


  1. I love that turkey, but the prep is more than I am willing to undertake. Ben looks so cute with his turkey. Your selection of Thanksgiving books is pretty impressive :)


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