What My Children Are Reading - 11/14/09

I really love this meme! We read a ton anyhow, and this led to some great discussions as to what our favorite reads were this week.

We did fall themed reads for Ben's preschool work, as referenced in the Amazon widget in this post. Faith didn't read anything specific this week for school since we played catch up to do a Thanksgiving unit next week.

Instead, she chose a book or two a day to read, take quizzes on, etc. I believe there was quite a bit of girlie reads--Annie & Snowball, Fancy Nancy, etc. She also found an older series at the library called Here Come the Brownies and has read the first couple of those. She's loving being a Brownie, so the series is perfect for her right now. We also received our new Scholastic order in this week, so that led to some new choices for all of us.

Highlights of our week:

How I Became a Pirate by David Shannon - I love the "No David" series by the same author. Ben's middle name is David after my dad and apparently, the role of Davids as troublemakers isn't exactly far-fetched. The pirate book did not disappoint either. Ben loves pirate books and this was a fairly cute story. It's not quite as catchy as Talk Like a Pirate but still a good addition to our collection of pirate books.

Gorgonzola, a Very Stinkysauras by Margie Palatini - By far, not the best literature we've ever read, but it had F&B giggling at the very smelly dinosaur and his bird friend who take pity on him and teaches him how to be clean. And books that amuse them are always a good thing.

Amelia Bedelia & the Cat by Herman Parish - This was one of Faith's reads this week. We have (and have read) many of the original Amelia Bedelia series, but this was a new one for both of us. It wasn't quite as good as the originals, a few too many word plays forced into every other sentence, but not bad either. Faith liked it, so that counts for something.

On Noah's Ark by Jan Brett - This was one of my favorites of the week. I love Jan Brett's books and her illustrations, and this one did not disappoint. The main illustrations are beautiful, but I love the animal shaped window illustrations on each page. Definitely a must read!


  1. Thanks for linking to me! It sounds like a good reading week. I have mixed feelings about Brett book. The illustrations are gorgeous, but for whatever reason Anna doesn't like them. I think they are better for older kids (which you have :)). I have to check the pirate book - Anna is less scared of them nowadays.

  2. We love "How I Became a Pirate," and I like the Jan Brett Noah's Ark book too. Great picks again.

  3. Some great books that I am going to have to look for. Thanks for sharing.


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