What My Children Are Reading - 11/21/09

This week, we seem to have hit the jackpot with new books at the library and found a ton of winners.

For schoolwork, we've been working our way through the Thanksgiving picks in this post for Ben (and Faith for fun). Faith is also assigned some other Thanksgiving reads that are closer to her level--Magic Treehouse Thanksgiving on a Thursday and its companion Pilgrims, The Thanksgiving Beast Feast, Silly Tilly's Thanksgiving Dinner, I Am the Turkey, and Cranberry Thanksgiving. I probably should have made the Amazon widget for her books this week too. Usually she doesn't have quite so many on her list!

However, back to the library, Faith & I were there on Wednesday and found a plethora of cool new books. It's kind of hard to limit to just 3 favorites this week, so a few more are added to our usual list!

How to Get Married by Me, the Bride by Sally Lloyd Jones - This was probably Faith's favorite of the week. It's a detailed guide to weddings, as planned by your average 5 year old, and the perfect way to stage a pretend wedding. It consists of everything from how to pick a groom (including your cat), how to propose (like being nice to them and not picking your nose or pinching them), to the perfect invitation (please come to our wedding, we will have candy). Faith & I've read it out loud a few times and I know she's read it alone several times too.

What Really Happened to Humpty? by Jeanie Franz Ransom and Stephen Axelsen - One of my favorites this week! It's written as an old fashioned detective story as gumshoe Joe Dumpty must piece together the mystery of what really happened to his brother Humpty. He knows Humpty wouldn't have fallen off the wall on his own, so how exactly did he have that great fall? What does Miss Muffet know? And how can the 3 Little Pigs help? Both kids really liked this one, though Faith seemed to get more of the references than Ben.

Monsters Don't Eat Broccoli by Barbara Jean Hicks - Fum Fi Fo Fe, Monsters don't eat broccoli! OK, this has kind of become a chant around here (side note, Benjamins eat broccoli also fills in well, though it sets the boy off because he really really doesn't like broccoli). Monsters eat tractors, rocketships, rocks & wheels, but nothing green. Except trees, they do like the taste of trees, if you're following along. ;o)

Monster Baby by Dian Curtis Regan - When Mr. & Mrs. Oliver find a baby monster on their doorstep, they decide to adopt him and care for him. Olly is a kind, gentle monster, but he grows faster than they could imagine. Within a day, he starts school, within a week, he graduates, and all the while, he lives a happy monster life with his new parents.

Grumpy Grandpa by Heather Henson - I grabbed this, hoping it would be amusing (as the title might indicate). Rather, it's a sweet story of a little boy with a grumpy grandfather who disappears everyday until he overhears the little boy's feelings, and takes him along fishing with him. It's a nice little story, not quite what we expected but a very pleasant surprise.

Farley Follows His Nose by Lynn Johnson - This was one of my favorites of the week, mostly because I have always loved For Better or For Worse. Farley the dog follows his nose through town, exploring and meeting new people, before finally returning home to his family. Another sweet story that both kids enjoyed.

I told you it was a great book week!!!


  1. Thanks for linking up. Great week - I haven't heard of any of those books before. Monster books sound cute - I am adding them to our reading list.

  2. I want to check all of those books out. Great finds!


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