What My Children Are Reading - 11/7/09

This week has included a plethora of frog themed books. If you pop back to Ben's lapbook post, there is an Amazon widget of some of our favorite picks. Of those, both kids were rather enamored with Bad Frogs by Thacher Hurd. It was goofy, full of naughty frogs who don't want to be good.

Faith and I also discovered the new book section in the library we go to on Mondays & Wednesdays while Ben is in school. It led to many fun book discoveries too, including a few we've been wanting to read that I didn't necessarily want to purchase in hardcover.

Faith was most excited to find a copy of the new Fancy Nancy book Fancy Nancy Tea Parties. This very well may have to be a purchase because there was so many fun things in it--recipe cards, party ideas, craft ideas, etc. Faith really liked the idea of making a box of fancy French words, so we may add that to our homeschooling ideas in the next few weeks. I am thinking of adding this to her Christmas gifts or telling Nana that we need it!

On the other hand, The Nine Lives of Rotten Ralph may have been Ben's favorite library find of the week. I had a Rotton Ralph book when I was little and we found it at my parents' house a few summers ago. However, I never realized it was a series until fairly recently, so we've been reading and enjoying the rest of them ever since. Ben loves the naughty cat, especially when he's eating garbage! Got to love little boys. :o)

Now my pick of the week, which is also one of Shaun's favorites, is Pirate Pete's Talk Like a Pirate. It's one I bought for Ben because he likes pirates and is the tale of a pirate looking for a new crew. Each one he interviews is told "You've got to load a cannon and know how to fire it, but most of all, you've got to talk like a pirate!" And of course, each crew member interviewed appears to speak the Queen's English and is forced to walk to the plank. There is much arrr-ing around our house as we wander about quoting the book. ;o)


  1. I have never seen this mimi before! I may have to join in! I love seeing what you are reading!

  2. Pirate Pete looks fun! I might need to search it down.

  3. Thanks for linking up. We tried Fancy Nancy here, but either it's too early or my daughter is simply not fancy (she isn't :)). I have to look up Rotten Ralph - I've never heard of this book before, but then I never heard of many other books of previous generation, since I didn't grow up with English kid lit.


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