Field Trip to Sharkarosa {Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch, Pilot Point}

Monday morning, we headed out for a field trip to Sharkarosa with the Galluccis. Gracie & Audrey's science class had a trip planned and Shannon was kind enough to invite us to join them. The kids and I hadn't been to Sharkarosa yet, but had it on our list of things we wanted to do.

It was *amazing* and we had such a great time. While the kids have seen their fair share of wild animals, they have never gotten the opportunity to really get up close to them and interact with them.

We got there and had a short tour of the facilities with lots of time for the kids to ask questions, then they had a chance to meet a few of the animals.

They got to pet a baby kangaroo, which was such a darling little guy (or girl?):

And they actually got up close and were able to pet a lemur, which in turn sat on my shoulder. It was quite friendly, despite looking a tad on the grouchy side.

After that, they had a hay ride/tour of the bigger pastures which gave us a chance to see their collection of horses, zebras, deer, capybaras, a buffalo, and our favorite, camels! The camels were especially friendly and we got to pet quite a few of them.

We headed back for another presentation on nocturnal animals--they got to see porcupines and a kinkajou, plus pet a baby binturong (tell me this guy isn't adorable!!!).

Finally, they opened some of the barns and the kids got to see the monkeys, pet baby camels & llamas, the farm dogs (a Great Dane, a sheepdog and a Borzoi) and go on a barrel train ride. Faith & I fell in love with the baby llamas and the feeling was reciprocated.

I'm always amazed at the shots I can get of Faith & wildlife (like her & the white tiger at the Fort Worth Zoo).