Preschool This Week - Not a Whole Lot of Anything!

Seriously, we did not do a whole lot of anything!

Ben was not necessarily in the mood to do anything and I was not in the mood to actually plan anything, so we enjoyed the week and I let him decide if & when he wanted to join in.

What We Did Do:

-We did go on an awesome field trip where we learned about really cool animals. Ben got to pet lemurs, llamas, camels, horses, and some other exotic creatures.

-Faith has been working on the Magic Treehouse books for literature, starting with Dinosaurs Before Dark, so Ben decided he wanted to make a dinosaur book too. We downloaded "This Dino" from Enchanted Learning and he colored the dinos & wrote their names.

-He did play more with his button turkey and clothespin turkey (shown in this post).

-We started our Advent calendars, which means an awesome Lego one for Mr. Ben. He is so excited to open his everyday and, given the opportunity, would open the whole thing at once.

-And we had some fun with Christmas decorating, creating and reading. F&B put up several of their nativities and we read the Christmas story. They also each got a mini tree to decorate as well as helping me decorate the rest of the house. Ben has really been enjoying our big bag o' Christmas books.

I'm not sure what's on tap for this coming week, probably more Christmas items. I need to be a bit more organized or I'll go crazy playing entertainer!


  1. I was so tempted by that Lego Advent, but figured I'd not remember to have them open once a day, so better to skip it for this year. Maybe another year.


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