Random Roadtripping Observations

We are now in Canada!

Day 1, we drove from Dallas to Nashville where we crashlanded at my aunt and uncle's house.

Today, we drove from Nashville to (essentially) Buffalo, NY. My parents live about 20 minutes from Buffalo, just over the Canadian border.

Observations from our very long road trip with F&B:

There is a store in East Texas that advertises "Donuts, Gun, Archery". Why one buys their donuts with the guns is beyond me.

Arkansas is apparently all swamp land.

We stopped in Hope, Arkansas to get lunch at a McDonald's there, which is also the birthplace of former President Clinton. Hope is, not McDonald's, btw.

Favorite road sign from day 2 - a very large billboad that says "Hell is real" directly across the road from an "adult" megastore.

My husband did not want to stop and look at Toltec Indian mounds or at a WW2 POW camp. I thought both sounded like lots of fun. He didn't.

After awhile, car trips get boring. So, being the grown ups, we decided slug bug is always a good car game. However, there are really very few bugs on the road, so we opted to play slug tanker truck instead. Same rules, but there are many more tanker trucks than bugs on the road.

We also had a rousing game of "name that carcass". It's pretty much what it sounds like, though I disagree that there were so many "wolves" on the sides of the road.

Another Arkansas observation, there is a decided lack of roadkill. We had several theories why, none of which helped us want to go to a restaurant in Arkansas.

Memphis looks like a really interesting place to visit. We may have to go back with F&B. There is a large pyramid, a zoo with pandas and Graceland, what more could you want?

At 4:40pm on Tuesday, we crossed back over to the correct side of the Mississippi River.
Shaun: I've never actually been to the Mississippi River, just seen pictures in books. (pause) It still looks dirty in real life.

The border between Ohio and Kentucky is the Ohio River. We googled that on the iPhone.

The really long tollway in New York state, that you get on when you cross the PA border and get off of in Buffalo costs $3. I can't even get to downtown Dallas for $3.

And the story of the trip.

Somewhere between Jackson & Nashville, the boy starts hopping around in his car seat. I ask him what is wrong and he tells me that he really needs to potty. There is *nothing* between Jackson & Nashville, so I tell the husband to take the first exit and well, at least it's the boy. Better to use the side of the road than potty in the car seat. He exits, pulls over and I hurry the boy out of the car and around the front. Logically, I figured if he was in the high beams, he could see what he was doing and hopefully not potty on his shoes. He goes, I get him back in the car and my husband says "Did you *not* see that skunk???" Somehow, in the rush to get the boy to the potty, I missed the fact that there was a skunk right next to the potty spot.

Only 3 weeks till we get to do it all again (minus the skunk).


  1. Oh my soul...I loved this!

  2. Heeheehee

    Tell Shaun that I grew up on the Mississippi River and yes, it really *is* that dirty!


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