And some more Ben-isms ...

Last night, Shaun made fried rice for dinner. It was very good and we all had extra helpings. I also had bought cupcakes at Kroger for dessert.

After we had finished the meal ...
Shaun: I'm really full, I don't think I have room for a cupcake.
Ben: You have a big belly Daddy, there's room for a cupcake!

And then tonight, Ben and I were playing alphabet Go Fish. Ben has an affinity for elephants, btw:
Mommy: Do you have any E for elephants? (I knew he had an elephant.)
Ben: No, I want the elephants.
Mommy: Give me all your elephants.
Ben: No, I want the elephants.
Mommy (laughing): Give me the elephants or give me death.
Ben: I'll give you death. How do I give you death

And one that Shaun overheard and emailed me (the kids were playing upstairs):
Faith: Do you guys take credit?
Ben: Yes but you need a drivers license. What is your Zip Code?