Another week with Mr. Ben

It was another busy week with Mr. Ben, but one without much of a theme. Last week was penguins. This week, I had good intentions, but they got pushed aside when we got a bit busy. Instead, we did a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and Ben still got to have a fun week.

He's on a game kick right now, so we pulled out a lot of our preschool games that are leftover from Miss Faith.

He really enjoyed the Leapfrog Alphabet Go Fish, as long as he got the elephants:

He also is really liking Hi-Ho Cherry-O:

He's interested in playing the math game that came with our Leapfrog Go Fish game, but I'm not sure he is quite there on the independent adding. He is able (thanks to the iPhone) able to do some adding when it's placed in front of him, but being able to take a handful of cards & make equations is a step ahead of what we are currently doing.

On Wednesday, we had tickets to see a play with our homeschool group:

Ben is a big pirate fan, so "How I Became a Pirate" was a hit with him. The rest of us enjoyed it too. It was very funny and the songs were quite catchy. We don't do a lot of the children's theater productions because they aren't that close to our house, but I'm thinking we need to!

We read pirate books to get in the mood too:
The Night Pirates by Peter Harris
A Pirate's Tale by Alan Jardine
Port Side Pirates by Debbie Harter
Shiver Me Letters: A Pirate ABC by June Sobel
Pirate Pete's Talk Like a Pirate by Kim Kennedy
Archie and the Pirates by Marc Rosenthal

We did find an Enchated Learning Pirate sheet that worked pretty well to make a little booklet, but I didn't really search for pirate materials. I'm sure there are tons out there though!

I should have timed it better, Faith is due to read Magic Treehouse Pirates Past Noon next week. :o)

Ben has also been on a sounding out letters kick. We've watched Leap Frog Letter Factory more than once (which involved me wandering around the house singing "the B says buh" a lot).

We did not, however, do a lot of written work this week. Ben used a couple of his workbooks for a short time (we purchase some simple ones at the Dollar Tree), but he was not in the mood for writing and I was not in the mood to persuade him to do it.

I need to figure out something to do for next week--maybe something with Groundhog Day? I found a couple of books in Faith's room that we could use ...


  1. Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Join us in our celebration of followers on Friday Follow!!

  2. What app do you use for adding on the iPhone? My little one is really starting to grasp the concept and a game that would help re-enforce would be greatly appreciated!
    I would also love to know the books for Groundhogs day? I'm thinking about doing a similar theme for next week!

  3. Your doing better than me at getting into a groove. :) I know I should post more but I try to add pictures and out internet wasn't letting me last week and a half. I'll try harder for ya. LOL
    I have been trying to write down what we do each day so that I remember too. Then I can post it.

  4. I don't remember if I said on your comment about elephants that cracked me up and we have the same problem here with some games.
    And I love "How I Became a Pirate," have you seen the sequel "Pirates Don't Change Diapers?"


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