What My Children Are Reading - 1/23/10

Faith & I hit the library this week for some new books while Ben was in school. He & I were reading a plethora of penguin books from our stash at home and Faith is currently reading her way straight through the Junie B. Jones books in order plus some Magic Treehouse ones for school, but we did have some great library finds!

Faith picks:

Imogene's Last Stand by Candace Fleming - This was probably my favorite of all the assorted kids' books I've read this week. It's the perfect book to catch Faith's interest with a good story and Mommy's interest in history & social studies. Imogene is a precocious little girl who loves history, quotes famous leaders and is on a mission to save her town historical society, before it is bulldozed down to become a shoelace factory. We also liked the little blurbs on the inside covers of all the famous people mentioned.

Voyage to the Pharos by Sarah Gauch - This one was right up mine & Faith's alley--stories of the 7 wonders of the ancient world! Dino is a young boy who lives in Rhodes (home of the Colossus btw) who dreams of sailing with his father to see the Pharos at Alexandria. He finally is given the chance to go along and is instrumental in the voyage. Faith loved it, and it led to a whole discussion of the wonders, which ones still exist, and which ones she has seen. We've been both locations in the book, although nothing remains of either wonder. She was consoled by the fact that she has been to the Pyramids and to ruins of the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus.

Ben's picks:

Jeremy Draws a Monster by Peter McCarty - This was a pretty cute one about a little boy who stays in his room all the time, drawing pictures, until the monster he draws comes alive! The monster is demanding and hard to please, so the boy has to come up with a solution. It's a really cute little story and demanding monster is rather entertaining (especially in alternative voices).

Robot Zot by Jon Scieszka - Ben likes the Trucktown books by Scieszka already, so I got this one thinking it looked cute. He *loved* it. He had Daddy read it to him and they both really enjoyed it. I read it myself afterwards and it is hysterical. Robot Zot is coming to Earth to conquer things except ... he's about the size of a cell phone. He battles the kitchen appliances, the toys, till he is faced with his final nemesis, the family dog. I so need to go back and see what else this guy writes. We have yet to have one of his books that we haven't enjoyed, so I want to grab a few others on purpose.

I think we're going to start on some of the new Bluebonnet Award nominees this week, so I have high hopes!


  1. Thank you for joining and sharing your finds. How neat it is that Faith has traveled so far and wide! The Voyage of Faros sounds like an awesome book for older age. I doubt that both Ben's picks would be winners here though - my daughter is very much "anti-monster" at the moment unless we are talking Sesame Street.

  2. Okay, I want Faith's books. And the Monster book. I don't know what it is about monster books that are so much fun. I've loved almost everyone we've read.
    I'm a big Jon Sciezeka fan.

  3. All of these books are new to me, and they all look great! I think M will especially like the robot one - it sounds hilarious!

  4. I'm going to have to find that Voyage of the Faros book! My son went through a phase where he was extremely interested in the World Wonders. Thanks for the recommendation!


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