Zoo School is a Hit, And Other Faith Musings

Faith had her second zoology class today and they learned all about arachnids.

Last week was insects and they had a homework sheet to complete where they had to pick an insect and find out interesting facts about it. We have a book about ladybugs that she has glanced through before, so I suggested she consider that one because a) she likes ladybugs and b) we had a book on hand. ;o) Since it wasn't *me* who assigned the work, she read the book, found 3 or 4 facts, wrote them neatly, and drew a picture.

This week, they learned more about spiders. I learned, from her, that finding a Daddy Longlegs in your house is considered good luck. However, I don't consider finding any kind of bug in my house to be a fortunate experience. She also informed me that they have to have eight legs, they have eyes on their backs, and that they only have one body segment where as insects have three. I'm glad to see she is learning something!

In other Faith related items, she has been on a reading binge due to the media ban in our house. She's already read several books this week and is on route to reading several more, yay! I think her big plan is to get enough Book Adventure points to make me hand over another Ponyville set. BookAdventure & SpellingCity are exempt from the media ban since they are school related, so her spelling words are also going well. I must say, *I* am enjoying the media ban. Peace & quiet is such a nice change of pace.

This week is also going better in terms of timing for schoolwork. Last week was terrible and I am still trying to get her to understand that if she did her work correctly and quickly, she'd be done sooner. I'm not sure why she'd rather procrastinate, then have to redo sloppy work. We're talking 3 hours at the max here and it's really more like 2-2.5 on the normal day. I'd want to get it over with.


  1. who knew daddy long legs would be good luck! Now I'm gonna have to think twice before I throw them out of my house.


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