Seriously Yummy Breakfast!

F&B and I made an attempt at our own Egg McMuffins this morning. Yes, I could have just scrambled eggs, but the delight of the McDonald's ones (imho) is the circular egg. According to Shaun (who worked at McD in high school), they use a mold on the griddle. I don't have molds or a griddle for that matter, so we improvised with the toaster oven & muffin tins.

Basically, we sprayed baking spray in the tins and folded a slice of ham at the bottom (I bet bacon or sausage would be good too, but we didn't have those).

I mixed egg, milk and a little bit of egg white and poured it over the ham, then baked it for about 25 minutes at 350 in the toaster oven.

For the last couple of minutes, we managed to fit our English muffins around the pan to toast them, then removed everything, added a slice of cheese on top and ta da!

Baking, and now I realized that my toaster oven really needs to be cleaned. I hate how stuff leaks and leaves marks.

Finished eggs (the dark stuff is ham, not burned spots!)

And Egg McMuffins, our way!

I'm highly amused, F&B loved them and they took very little effort on my part. We'll make them again.


  1. I think I will try this, too!

  2. Great idea! If you have round cookie or biscuit cutters, you could just do the eggs in those in a pan. ;)

  3. so smart! Im gonna have to try that also!

  4. Awesome! I have been meaning to try those and haven't figured how how yet. :) Thanks for sharing!!


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