What My Children Are Reading - 2/6/10

We've had a few late nights this week, which has meant a little less reading before bed. Faith has also been reading to herself a bit more for school (mostly Junie B. Jones, Nate the Great and Cam Jansen, anything she can take a BookAdventure test on; she has her eye on a prize).

However, each of us came up with a pick for the week from our library stash of read alouds.

Diogenes by M.D. Usher - Faith liked this one. We've read the story of Diogenes before in our history curriculum, but this was so much better as Diogenes was a dog! It's really a cute retelling and I've enjoyed sharing some of the Greek stories with Faith, but they sometimes go over her head. This one really brings the level down to her understanding. (And furry Diogenes is rather cute!)

I'm Bad! by Kate & Jim McMullan - This would be Ben's pick, by the same authors who brought us such favorites as I Stink! about a garbage truck and I'm Dirty! about a bulldozer. The lead character this time is a dinosaur who tries to convince you that he is the most fearsome dino in the jungle (forest?), but he still needs his mama.

Nanook & Pryce by Ned Crowley - My pick! It's an adorable book of two little northern boys who meet to go ice fishing, but their ice floats around the world while they are too busy to notice the changing scenery. F&B also loved the world maps in the front & back of the book to trace the trip.

The kids are also thoroughly fascinated with Mo Willem's Elephant & Piggie series. Faith found them in the library and got them out so she could read them to Ben and teach him to read them (she is still sure she can teach him to read). They read them all in the car on the way home from Ben's school and were in hysterics over the dialogue, especially the one where Elephant shouts "I'll save you, Piggie!" and Piggie responds with "Lunchtime!"

We also had My Friend is Sad, Today I Will Fly and I Love My New Toy. Faith wants to find the others from the series next library day.

She & I have also started reading some of the new Bluebonnet Award nominees, but I'll save those for another week!


  1. I hadn't even thought about checking out Bluebonnet nominees. That's a good idea.
    I'm going to go search down Diogenes for when we start doing history next year. That'd be fun to find.

  2. We love the Bluebonnet nominees. Faith & I read 12 or so from the 2009 list, plus I read another two on my own (Hound of Rowan, Someone Named Eva, neither were really appropriate for a 7 year old). A few didn't pique our interest, so we didn't finish the whole list. We've read 4 of the new list so far.

  3. Thanks for joining this week! It's interesting to see such a consensus on Mo Willems Elephant and Piggie stories. We just have to try them again. This "I am Bad" book sounds intriguing too - I'll be looking for it in the library.


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