Ben's New Math Obsession

That would be my boy, working on his latest & greatest obsession--addition!

Lately, Ben has been following us around asking random math facts to us (what's 2+2, what's 3+5, what's 8+10, etc). We, of course, have been humoring him and answering him, but have also started spinning the easier ones back to him. Amazingly enough, he is getting it.

While working on Faith's work, he has been asking to do school with us again. I've given him a variety of our preschool activities, which he whips through and goes back to his math questions.

Today, he worked on some matching cards we have where you pair up related objects and the flip sides are a picture puzzle. Then he worked on rhyming word pairs, which led to another fun discussion.

Ben: Mommy, these are the same picture, but they don't rhyme. Crab & bucket don't rhyme.
Me: Maybe that's because it's a snail in a pail?

After that, he wanted to do math, so I gave him his clothespin counters. He did exactly two of them before he told me that he already knew how to do them and he wanted to do real math.

So off I went digging through my homeschool closet and found a little workbook of math facts up to 10. I showed him the first page (counting objects and writing number sentences in two directions) and he started working on it. Then he did page 2. And page 3. And page 4. And they were all completely correct. We only stopped to go to taekwondo and he asked to do more math when we got home! So much for the cute counting activities I was going to do with him, seems a little pointless right now.

Other than math, for some odd reason, we're reading "green" books. We're not doing anything specifically about being green, Earth Day, recycling, etc, but we had a few libary books on the topics that Ben really enjoyed.

Two of our favorites this week have been:

Miss Fox's Class Goes Green by Eileen Spinelli

Charlie & Lola: We Are Extremely Good Recyclers by Lauren Child

Got to say, I love Charlie & Lola anyhow. F&B want to build a tree, just like Charlie & Lola so they can keep lists of items we recycle. I also really liked the Miss Fox one. We've never read that series before, but both kids liked all the ideas on how to go green, so maybe we'll expand on this topic another time.


  1. That is so exciting about the math!! WOW... I hope my boy picks it up that fast. He has been wanting to count everything lately so maybe. Great job Ben!


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