The Cutest Easter Eggs Ever!

We experimented for Ben's preschool snack today!

Easter "chicks"--deviled eggs, but cuter! (Carrot nose, two dark brown jimmies for the eyes, but I need to try either cucumbers or raisins to see if they work better.)

How could you not smile if one of those was looking at you?


  1. Those are adorable!!

  2. these are the cutest eggs I have ever seen

    I just started to follow your blog found the link on THL
    I will be reading back on some of your older posts to get to know you better

  3. kathykam5:36 PM

    how about pepper corns.....for eyes these are great..will def be on my table....thanks

    1. I've done those for the adults, but figured with my luck, the kids would bite one and freak out about the pepper taste. ;o)


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