Faith & Ben-gorrah, It's St. Patrick's Day!

And since it was, we put some of our regular school work on hold to work on some fun St. Patrick's Day ideas. (Honestly, we only have about 5 weeks worth of work left for Faith, so it is more than fine to spend some time learning things not from our curriculum.)

We pulled out our St. Patrick's Day books. Apparently, we have several of them. 7 to be exact.

We also have a really cute one I can't find on Amazon called Looking for Leprechauns by Sheila Keenan.

Faith read a few of them to Ben, then I read the rest to both of them.

I downloaded some books for them to make off of Enchanted Learning. There were tons for Faith, but we opted for the St. Patrick's Day Tab Book since it seemed to have the most information in one spot.

For Ben, there were a ton of options, but since he is still on his math kick, the Addition Activity Book seemed to be the best fit. He doesn't love to write words/letters (yet he loves math writing), so this was a good balance. He was so proud that he solved his own riddles!

While the kids were finishing up their books, I told them that if they would stay out of the kitchen, we'd have a surprise snack. They complied, so we had "leprechaun bread"! Total last minute mommy creation, so no laughing. All it is is regular bread, cut into hearts with a cookie cutter, and topped with a bit of cream cheese and some sugar sprinkles I colored green with food coloring. Three hearts plus a stem from the crusts equals a shamrock! ;o)

At least the kids were impressed! I, however, overestimated the sugar needed, so Shaun's getting green coffee for the next few days. ;o)


  1. Aww, what a sweet picture of them reading together :)


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