Some More Moments with Ben

On the way home from Faith's Brownie meeting, we were talking homeschool stuff.

Faith: In the summer, can we start learning some more French? I have French books in my room.
Me: Of course.
Ben: In the summer, can we swim every day? And eat beef jerky?
Me: What???
Ben: Daddy lets us eat beef jerky in the pool.

And this one is from a few nights ago. We've been bathing Faith in the guest bathroom next to my office, the smaller tub seems to work better. Ben occasionally joins her because he likes baths. They were in the tub the other night and I was in my office. I hear the following.

Faith: 8 ... 9 ... 10 ... 11 ...
Me: Faith, what are you counting?
Faith: Bubbles.
Me: You don't have bubbles.
Ben: She's counting my tushie bubbles. I'm making tushie bubbles.
Me (very slowly): Faith ... do you know *how* Ben makes tushie bubbles?

She was appropriately disgusted and horrified, Ben was proud of his bubbles, and my brother & father are highly amused.


  1. Oh my goodness! I think I want to spend more time at your home so that I can witness these Ben comments myself! I think I'd have died laughing!

  2. Oh my gosh, that is great!! LOL
    BTW Meghan got her letter today.

  3. OK - that is HUGELY hilarious! Thanks for sharing with us....LOL Still laughing.

    Following you from MBC/FFF

    still laughing - I have a feeling this is going to happen all night long! :)

  4. Too cute!!!
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  5. I am now a follower!! Following from MBC!

  6. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Hello! That is 2 funny! Following from FFF. Have a great day!

  7. Apparently the differences in the sexes start young. Following from MBC. Have a great weekend.


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