Trying something new this week

Instead of my usual repeated runs to Kroger & Super Target, I'm trying something new grocery wise this week. I opted to actually look at the ads while they were in the mail and figure out what stores had the things I needed.

Kind of an interesting concept really. I ended up at 3 stores (Target not being one of them), but all were on the way home from Faith's zoo class. And since we were actually looking at ads, I could stock up on the fresh fruit, instead of paying something like $3 for a lb of grapes that my rabid little hyena children devoured in one sitting, leaving a sad grape carcass on my kitchen table.

Just in fruit, we got:
1 canteloupe ($1.50 at Kroger)
4 bananas (39cents/lb at Kroger
1 pineapple (99cents at Aldi)
2 lbs green grapes ($1.58 or 79cent/lb at Aldi)
2lbs purple grapes ($1.58 or 79cent/lb at Aldi
5 kiwis ($1/5 at Sprouts)
2 packs strawberries ($1.47 each at Sprouts)
3 packs blackberries ($1.47 each at Sprouts)

On the downside, the canteloupe is now a little cheaper this week (maybe 20cents though so not too bad) and the blackberries are now 88cents at Sprouts. The nice manager I called yesterday told me to bring him my receipt and he'll price adjust for me, so I'm off to buy more blackberries!

I'm kind of intrigued. In total, I spent $47 between 3 stores and got a free pizza from Aldi.

Maybe this is the way to grocery shop?