What My Children Are Reading - 3/13/10

Finally back to participating on this meme!!! With Faith's accident, we've been reading a ton, but I honestly have not been keeping great track of what we've read, and we've read some good books.

This week, Faith is feeling more like herself, so we were able to hit the library while Ben was in preschool. Skipping the library for a few weeks meant a plethora of new books that we hadn't seen before, so we brought a home a very big bag.

It was a little difficult to narrow down just a few favorites to post, but these seem to be the top three.

Zarafa: the Giraffe who Walked to the King by Judith St. George - I actually think this was all three of our most favorite book. It's the true story of a giraffe who was presented by the viceroy of Egypt to the king of France, and her journey from Sudan, up the Nile, across the Mediterranean, then up to Paris. The kids loved the map at the beginning and tracing Zarafa's route, plus Faith recognized places she had been before and others that she knew Shaun & I had been years ago.

The Travel Game by John Grandits - First of all, bonus points for the base story taking place in Buffalo! This caught Ben's attention right away. :o) Secondly, the idea is pretty cool. A little boy and his auntie play the "travel game" where they spin a globe and take an imaginary trip to the place they land on, but before it ends, each time, the little boy falls asleep. The imaginary trip to Hong Kong is pretty interesting and Faith wanted to plan her own travel game.

How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You? by Jane Yolen & Mark Teague - Ben loves all the How Do Dinosaurs books and this one was no exception. I think the slightly naughty dinos in this book might be a bit relatable. ;o)


  1. All three books look like good reads!

  2. We got How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You for Valentine's this year, and it is one of our favorites!! All of the books in the Dinosaur series are fantastic...I actually reviewed another one this week! :)

  3. I am so sorry to learn about Faith's accident. I hope that she won't repeat those "leaps of Faith" ever again. The first book looks very interesting, and I am intrigues by the second one, but I assume that it is better for older readers? We bought the same dinosaur book for Christmas, but for whatever reason Anna didn't quite warm up to it.


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