What My Children Are Reading - 3/27/10

Minimal Faith choices this week since she is entrenched in a biography project of famous women. So far, she has read about Abigail Adams, Lady Bird Johnson, Amelia Earhart, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Betsy Ross, Laura Ingalls Wilder, & Helen Keller. The library we go to while Ben is at school has a great collection of biographies, so we've been pulling any that look like they fit our project.

She did find one other book that caught her attention this week.

The Monster Health Book by Edward Miller - Faith saw this when we walked into the library and had to have it. She's been all about learning about different kinds of nutrition things and is on board with my planting a garden idea! It's really a cute book, lots of interesting facts and seems to be on target for her reading level (second grade, more advanced).

Now, as for Mr. Ben, he was interested in the monster book, but it's not much of a story. He & I enjoyed a few different ones instead.

Clifford the Champion by Norma Bridwell - New Clifford! We like Clifford quite a bit, and in this one, Clifford competes to be the Super Dog (which means he attempts an agility course, just like Sunny & Stormy do at Nana's house).

Woof: A Love Story by Sarah Weeks - I really liked this one; it's the love story of a dog, who falls in love with a cat, but all she hears is "woof".

Tyrannosaurus Math by Michelle Markel - Ben likes dinosaurs. And math. It's a good combination.


  1. Woof sounds like a cute book. We love all the Clifford Books!

  2. The Monster Health Book and the Tyrannosaurus Math books will be big hits at our house, thanks!

  3. Tyrannosaurus Math sounds like something my son would like. Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Thanks for joining and sharing your choices. Woof sounds very cute, and I am also on the lookout for new "live math" books. I am impressed with Faith's project - good luck to her and to you in completing it.


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