The World According to Ben, Saturday Night Dinner Edition

Ben typically sits on his knees on his chair because he reaches the table a bit better that way. As he's sitting there, he looks down at his knees and says "I miss my feet."

Faith is obsessed with her Monster Health Book and was reading it to us during dinner. On the page about meats & beans, it listed several less healthy meats, including bologna, bacon & hot dogs.

Faith: It's a good thing I don't like hot dogs.
Me: Since when?
Faith: Well, I don't like them, there's something weird in hot dogs that I don't like the taste of.
Ben: Is it pig?

After dinner, Ben wanted to open the prizes from his water egg hunt, including the pirate eyepatches. I was doing the dishes, so I told him to ask Shaun/

Ben: Daddy can't help me. He's using his phone and his hands are greasy!


  1. I love the things kids say! So funny! I am now following from MBC FFF. Glad to meet you!

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  2. Haha, the feet comment cracked me up! I have a two year old and am already falling in love with the funny things he says.

    I am following you from MBC FFF - I'd love for you to come visit me over at my blog! I'm at

    Have a wonderful day!


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