Faith's Ready for the Bake Sale

My sweet friend Lynds is walking the Breast Cancer 3-Day this year. I am being a supportive friend by cheering for her from the sidelines (OK, seriously, it's 60 miles and I'd have to sleep in a tent outdoors on two nights, but I can be a really good cheerleader, go Lynds!!!).

Really, I want to help her out where I can, and Faith is also into the whole volunteering thing right now. She is having a bake sale this weekend and Faith wanted to figure out a way to help, so she made marshmallow pops to sell!

We have somewhere around 100 marshmallows dipped in chocolate and then in sprinkles, just for Lynds. Since I was also wrong in thinking the bake sale is *Saturday* (it's actually Sunday), I think we may go make something else too. Cheeseburger cookies perhaps? I want it to be something Faith can do too!

Miss Faith showing off our trays of drying marshmallow pops!

Would you buy one from this face? I thought so. :o)

She made a sign too--brownies, cupcakes, pie, cake, cookies, and "Marshmallow Pops by Faith".

If you really want to help out, you can also donate to Lynds here and check out her team here.


  1. Oh my gosh! I've made these so many times. I made s'mores on a stick. I put the marshmalow on a stick then dipped it all the way into Wilton Lt. Cocoa candy melts and then rolled them into finely crushed graham cracker crumbs. They were taken to my kiddos school for bake sale Friday. They were gone in no time.


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