The Platypus Project

Playing catch up from last week while my parents were visiting.

Tuesday (the 6th) was Faith's final Zoo School class. This was presentation week where they displayed their project & gave a speech on the animal they chose to study. Faith chose the platypus and made a poster to show what she learned. She also practiced her speech carefully, so she knew all sorts of interesting facts about the platypus.

She also went first. She is a good public speaker and was very clear & informative. Personally, I thought her project was one of the best ones. It was well done, but obviously done by a 7 year old. She was very proud of it as well.

The right side has little flap books with platypus facts, the bottom left shows a burrow, and the top center is a mommy & baby platypus that Faith drew. Isn't it cute?

The Zoo School teacher also had a baby wallaby that she is fostering for the time being. We all fell in love with it. I kind of figured Shaun would notice if we brought it home though.

F&B liked it too, very cuddly little critter. I definitely wouldn't have minded it visiting.