We're Ready for Summer Reading!

Faith is officially done with school, so we started looking for summer reading programs.

She wants to do all of them (of course), and I figured as long as she uses different books for each, why not? It will have her reading more!

So far, we've gotten the stuff for:

Borders - Read 10, get a free book from their list

Barnes & Nobles - Read 8, get a free book from their list

Half Price Books - Read 15 minutes, per day, per week, get a $3 gift card each week!

We also signed up for the one at the library in Plano where we go while Ben is in school. Faith was allowed to pick her own there, she chose 25 books for that one. They also gave her a free book to start, so she chose a Geronimo Stilton book (loving those lately).

I'm thinking we'll let her do the Frisco one too, since it's 10 books too, then she can do the one at the library in Canada when we are at my parents' house.

Have I mentioned how thrilled I am that she is finally loving to read???


  1. I think we are going to sign up for Borders and Half Price Books as well. We might also do a couple of the libraries reading programs. I have a question though if you read 1 book does that count towards each program or do you only let it count towards one of them?

  2. I only let my kids count a book once. It doesn't seem right to me that book A counts for 15 minutes and 3 different lists.


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