Guest Writing!

I received an invitation a few weeks ago to write for a Mommy composite style blog called Today's Mama. It sounded like fun, and based on my bento blog I assumed, suggested food as the topic du jour. I can do that!

After serious discussions with F&B (well, more like "What should Mommy cook?"), I came to the realization that I don't necessarily want to use my bento stuff there. They want new content and I can't double publish it to their site & my own blog. On the other hand, it's completely perfect for all our non-bento kitchen experiments that don't really fit on my bento blog. We make a lot of neat stuff that isn't good bento material and I don't want to inundate that blog with random recipes, no matter how yummy they might be.

My first blog just published, "Summer Fruit Sushi":

It actually does have bento potential, but it didn't last long enough in my kitchen to find out.