What to Send for a First Sleepaway Camp

The girl is off to her very first sleep away camp this year and she is very excited.  We're very curious how it is going to go, since she has only been gone a night or two tops.

We are able to write to her, but I have no faith that it will reach her in time.  I did, however, come up with a lovely idea for my girl, in the hopes that she would still be thrilled with notes from home, even if they didn't arrive via post.

I sent with her a large bag filled with 6 smaller bags, each labeled with a day of the week. Inside each bag is a note from me, a (printed) email from other family members, a goodie or two for her, and 6 other identical goodies to share with her new cabinmates. There are 6 girls, including Faith, so I wanted her to have something special for her but something nice to share with her new friends.

 My parents, my brother & SIL, my mom's best friend, and my husband all sent me emails to print for her, so she has 1-2 per day to read, including puppy stories from my family. I tried to pick some stuff her her to do during rest time, since it's very very unlikely she'll actually sleep.

The goodie bags:
Sunday - rainbow sleep mask, Hello Kitty socks, Cam Jansen & the Camp Mysteries book for her; mini Disney Princess puzzles to share with her cabin
Monday - new box of crayons and My Little Pony coloring pad for her; Disney Fairies notepads & pens for her cabin
Tuesday - velvet marker poster with "Camp Fun" and critters; glow rings & bracelets for her cabin (campfire night)
Wednesday - Disney Fairies glitter lip glosses for her; Disney Princess splash balls & frisbees for her cabin
Thursday - horseback riding coloring pack for her; foam door knob hanger craft kit and foam stickers for her cabin

And Friday, she will come home in the early afternoon.

I am hoping she enjoys the surprises and doesn't mind that I actually didn't mail anything. Surprises are good, even if they don't come in the mail, right?