More From The Mouth of Ben

The other day, Ben has a bit of a tummyache (probably too much pool water or too much sun). He said he couldn't eat his snack & was going to lay down.
This was followed by "But come get me when it's time for steak!"

The kids are outside watering our plants.
Faith: [bloodcurdling shriek]
Me: What's wrong????
Ben: I squirted her with the hose!

And Ben's newest version of Rock, Paper, Scissors:
"Rock, Paper Scissors, LONGHORNS!!!"
Longhorns beats everything. ;o)

And not from the mouth of Ben, but they were in the mouth of Ben at one point, my latest blog on DFW-Today's Mama, detailing our breakfast popsicles!

These ones were kiwi honeydew--all natural, pure fruit, and just a beautiful color!