Things That Make Me Happy This Week, 6/28

My list, comprised of a lot of FB status feeds:

*My girl is home safe from camp and in one piece!

*This week is VBS and my crew consists of my girl and a whole bunch of her sweet little friends

*I have 5 watermelons in my garden

*The boy is peacefully napping on the couch right now

*This Tweet from @kidshealthtips - Featured #FF @shannoncarino Excellent Bento ideas, recipes & food photos #followfriday #food #recipes #kids #parenting

*Being linked in this blog post

*Gems from Ben like "Daddy, were you in the army at the Alamo?"

*Shaun barbecued last night and we had a lovely steak & baked potato dinner

*Sunday afternoon swimming with F&B

*Star Wars cookie cutters & apron from Willams Sonoma

*Ben chose this for his last day of Rainbows snack:

*Being up to #14 (so far) on this Best Mom Food Bloggers site - feel free to click "I like it" by my blog!

*Homemade apple cinnamon granola bars and strawberry mango popsicles

*This book on Amazon: No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog - They don't?????

*Only a few days till our Canada trip! Looking forward to a little family vacation.