Flip Flops for Faith

At VBS in June, one of the little girls in my group had a really cute pair of flip flops. I made a mental note that I should attempt to make these for Faith, then promptly forgot about said mental note.

Last week, a Twitter pal posted a link on how to make these and I remembered my mental note. I was going to wait till we were back in Dallas to do these, but realized that I might have a hard time finding summer items at the dollar store by the time we get back.

Faith & I headed to the local shop today and found flip flops on clearance for $1. We found packaged balloons for $1, but they were in packs on 15-20, so we bought a $3 package of water balloons that came with 180 balloons in it for $3.

One hour and many ouchy fingers later, Miss Faith has her very cute flip flops.

I am very very thankful I bought up a size in the shoe part, it will be awhile before I have the desire to make another pair.


  1. Those are amazing. And now I have to run to the dollar store haha

  2. Those look awesome! Do you think my fingers would survive making two? :-)

  3. So glad you liked the flip flops! Yours turned out super cute!!!


  4. M3, they probably wouldn't have been so bad, if I hadn't told Faith that I would hurry up and get them done in an hour for her to wear. If you buy them on the sly and don't tell the twins till you're done, you may have a plan! ;o)


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