More Notes from the Road - 22 Hours O' Fun

And we're back in Dallas! Actually, we got back on Tuesday night, but as with all vacations, there is a dire need of recovery days.

This time, I took notes on the road, because I can never remember all the things that amused me by the time I get home.

On the plus side, no one needed to pull over & use a skunk! (Yes, talking about the boy here.)

I also have very limited Faith stories this trip. Both kids spent the better part of the time playing with each other, reading, playing DS and watching a few movies.

This left Shaun & I to amuse ourselves. After a fair number of rounds of slug tanker truck and name that roadkill, you start to get a little punchy.

What amused us this trip:

In East Texas, we found a sign that said "Bait, Worms, Tackle, Goldfish". It's like the redneck version of "One of these things just doesn't belong here".

Arkansas brought us "Ice 'Kold' Melon". I refuse to buy things from people who advertise with poor spelling or grammar anyhow, but the gratuitous use of the letter K just got to me. Is "Kold" melon somehow better than "Cold" melon? What kind of special melon invokes the need of the word "Kold"?

Arkansas did redeem itself when we stopped at a McDonald's for a bathroom break & snack by selling cherry pies. These are infinitely better than the apple pies and I thoroughly enjoyed mine.

We also have very few BPs in our area of Texas, but they were plentiful on our trip. At one point, with the orange gas light showing that we needed to gas up, Shaun looks at me, looks at the exit and says "Think we can make it to the next exit? This one only has a BP and that just feels wrong." Thankfully, we did make it to the next exit, because while I hate to support oil spilling companies, being stranded on the side of the road in middle-of-nowhere Arkansas isn't on my list of fun things to do either.

The rest of my notes are from Kentucky. Apparently, Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania & New York did not amuse me as much, though we are convince that Ohio either means full of cops or full of construction in a native language.

Now on the way up, we stayed in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It looks like a lovely city, we had a nice hotel and should we pass that way again, I'd like to see the cave tours, the dinosaur park, and a few other attractions. I could easily make a weekend getaway out of Bowling Green, so the following is simply what amused me on the way through the state.

Kentucky brought us gems like the "Hell is Real" sign across the freeway from the adult super store, the Big Bone Lick Park which I really wanted to take a picture of the sign and email it to my brother because I'm mature like that, and an actual drive-thru adult superstore (apparently, some people are too lazy to get their p*rn the old fashioned way by walking into the store or ordering it on the internet???).

But the highlight of the trip was likely the car of people we saw when gassing up. Read this and I'll let you paint your own picture as to what they look like, just be aware they were not wearing 3 piece suits and driving a Beamer. As they were gassing up, three of them were smoking cigarettes. Lest you think that the fourth one was at least bright enough *not* to be smoking around highly flammable materials, he actually lit his cigarette *while* gassing up his car. Ah yes, road tripping across America, you do see all kinds. Perhaps that gas station had some kind of magically non-flammable gasoline?

Needless to say, we kind of hurried it out of there. While I didn't so much care if they set themselves on fire (because Darwin himself would enjoy this theory of natural selection), I really appreciate not being on fire or exploding, especially with my kids in the car.

Stayed tuned for the next road trip adventure where we head to Hot Springs, Arkansas, which should prove to have still more interesting moments.


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