Road Tripping with F&B

Hot on the heels of VBS (where Ben won a bicycle on the last night's service), we packed up F&B and headed to Canada.

My aunt & uncle in Nashville were out of town on the day we passed through, so we opted to push it a little further on the first day and made it to Bowling Green, Kentucky. I smartly Pricelined a hotel before we left and got a pretty nice choice for only $50. Upon arriving, we found out that the kids ate free (yay!!!) so we were able to just stay at the hotel for dinner. They also had an indoor pool, so we took the kids for a swim later on. It was a nice reprieve after a long day of driving.

There were less funny moments than on our Christmas road trip. No one had to pull over to use a skunk on some desolate road in Nashville, there were less lively games of "name that carcass", and there was a serious lack of good road signs.

The children, as usual, were lovely travel companions. At Christmastime, Ben asked "How much longer?" while we were still on 75 in Dallas. This time, while still in the *garage*, Faith started asking for her backpack & snacks. She's a bit lucky I didn't bungee her to the roof for the rest of the trip.