This is why I don't sew

Somehow or another, Shaun managed to pull one of the strings off the jacket of his taekwondo uniform. It's been sitting in the kitchen awhile now, as it really needs to be sewn back into place.

Now, as a general rule, I don't sew. I can glue badges on with the best of them, but sewing is relegated to talented friends instead.

This would be a basic taekwondo uniform. The jacket has two ties to it, one outside at the right hip, and one inside at the left hip. This is the only thing that really keeps the jacket closed, other than the belt, so it was kind of imperative that Shaun put his back together.

I gave him a needle and thread. I then threaded the needle for him when he couldn't figure out why the thread kept breaking (you need to double it, especially with that material). He put the tie in place and sewed the first & only stitch. Then he left it on my kitchen counter.

It sat there, annoying me for awhile, till I finally said to him "Would you like me to finish sewing this for you?" After hemming & hawing that he really was going to do it, he took me up on my offer.

I sat down and stitched the tie right where he had placed it. I did a number of basic in and out stitches to secure it, then whipped around the edges for extra measure. That tie was not going anywhere. Pretty impressive for someone who DOES NOT SEW.

Then it was time for class, so we got the kids dressed. He put on his uniform pants and an under shirt. Then he put his jacket on.

And then he went to tie his jacket.

And then, and only then, did we realize that the tie was sewn onto the wrong side of the jacket. FAIL.

But at least, it's on there really really securely.


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