Yes, I really scrapped something

Other than bentos, I have been in a huge creative rut lately. And by lately, I mean something like the last year and a half, at least.

However, on my scrapbooking board, we have a rule about participating in something once a quarter. I'm already overdue for that as it is.

Thankfully, one of my board friends is expecting her son and the board is putting together a baby book for her--choose one month and make a 2 page LO for an 8x8 album. I can do that!

Obviously, I have 7 months. :o) Since all babies are different, I decided against "first (moment)" or things like that. It's very me, lots of MME papers, ink and simple lines. Still deciding if the flower should come off. It's a bit greener than I'd like. Thoughts? I would like to add, the pages aren't crooked, my photography is! ;o)

Page one (left side of an album):

Page two (right side):

It felt kind of nice to do something creative, maybe my energy for it is coming back.


  1. When we have kiddos...will you make their scrapbooks? please and thank you!


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