More Deep Thoughts from Mr. Ben

He's always amusing, and I think he knows it!

The other day, I asked him what he might like to do when he grows up, it's for a survey thing I needed to fill out.
Ben: A daddy!
Me: OK, but how about for work, what would you like to do for that?
Ben: Hmmm. When I grow up, I think I might like to be a cooker, at my own restaurant, like on Top Chef or at the Olive Garden. My special dish is going to be pin-gnocchi and sausages.

Working on a spelling pretest with Faith.
Me: Four, as in the number four. I have four cookies.
Ben (from the other room): Can I have one?

Ben started Adventure Champs (K program at church) a few weeks ago.
Me: Ben, what was Champs like?
Ben: Well, I really liked their cookies.

And two gems from tonight:
Ben is playing with a set of Trio blocks and has made something that looks like a gun. He's running around the family room, pretending to shoot things.
Shaun: Ben, is that what I think it is?
Ben: No Daddy, it's a telescope! Look, I can look through it.

And we were talking about doing pushups (martial arts class) and Daddy was showing how he can do them with Ben sitting on his back.
Ben: It's just like riding a mechanical bull!


  1. LOL! Oh my goodness, I'm sitting her at work reading this and it just gave me the huge laugh I needed :-) He certainly sounds like quite a character. And such a doll!


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