Halloween through the years ...

Saw this idea on my friend Stephanie's blog, which made me start going through pictures earlier today. I just restored all my photos off my external hard drive, so I actually could find all our Halloween pics from 2002 onwards! And SITS is doing a Halloween past link-up, so I'm in!

Halloween 2002 - Faith was just a few days over a month old, so she was a pumpkin!

Halloween 2003 - Faith was 13 months old. Originally, she was a Carebear, but we had a 90+ degree Halloween in Dallas. She wore her costume to a party the day before Halloween and was red-faced & sweated after a little while. I ended up buying her a Belle tutu from the Disney store which was much more weather appropriate.

Halloween 2004 - Faith was 2 years, 1 month old and was a flower fairy. I fell in love with this costume at Gymboree and our awesome Amy worked there, so Faith had the whole set. It was also the first year she really went trick or treating in our neighborhood!

Halloween 2005 - Faith was a little past 3 years, and we added Mr. Ben to the family, he was almost 3 months old. Faith was Tinkerbell (the really luxe costume) and Ben was a dinosaur. It was *freezing* that year and he ended up wearing really warm clothes in the front pack with my jacket around both of us. Faith actually asked to go home after looking forward to trick-or-treating for weeks.

Halloween 2006 - Faith was 4 years, Ben was almost 15 months old. Faith was open to ideas and Ben had no opinion, so I dressed them up as Lilo & Stitch. Halloween night was a tad chilly and I had to add long sleeves and tights to Faith's costume, but Ben was a toasty warm Stitch!

Halloween 2007 - Faith was 5 years old, Ben was 2. She debated between Aurora (her favorite princess) and Snow White (she looked much better as Snow White) for her costume. With her dark hair, she made a great Snow White. Ben was Captain Hook from Peter Pan and won our neighborhood costume contest for the cutest character! He was pretty darn cute. This is also around the time his pirate obsession began. It continues, three years later.

Halloween 2008 - Faith was 6, Ben was 3. Faith was an Egyptian princess. Her class was studying Egypt all year long and she really liked the costumes. I made her a deal that if she would wear the same costume for her school project and Halloween, I'd buy her the really nice Egyptian one. She agreed. Ben opted for Buzz Lightyear, which was conveniently located in our dress-up box. However, he was Woody for his preschool costume. Zip up the back costume + preschool = not a wise decision.

Halloween 2009 - Faith was 7, Ben was 4. Ben wanted to be Alien Stitch from Lilo & Stitch because he liked all the extra arms. Faith debated between assorted princesses and fairies until Halloween night (we have a ton of dress up costumes). It was chilly last year and I finally insisted on Jojo the Clown, as I didn't want her freezing and complaining after only being outside for 5 minutes. She was not happy about the costume, until we were quite far from our house and she realized that she wasn't cold at all.

Which brings us to this year. The current plan is a zebra for Faith and Captain America for Ben, as long as the weather holds!

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I love looking at these! I remember all but 2 :)

  2. Not fair...we miss all this:(


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