Miss Faith is 8!

My baby girl turned 8 a few days ago (the 27th, to be precise)!

She had a lovely day--presents, out to lunch with Grandma to a tea shop they go to, lots of time to play with the new presents, taekwondo class, and out to dinner at On the Border.

She is seriously deprived, really she is! This is from us & Ben and my parents. My ILs gave her gifts later and she received some other things in the mail.

From us, a Project Runway Fashion Design kit, which I thought looked kind of cool. It has a projector light so you can trace basic designs/shapes, then make them your own.

Also from us, a Hello Kitty Make Your Own Fortune Cookie Set, it's her, trust me!

We also got her a Polly Pocket set she wanted, a Strawberry Shortcake set she wanted, the entire A-Z mysteries book series, several other books, Silly Bandz, a cute pink skull shirt, a new outfit, probably some other stuff I'm forgetting. I took Ben shopping to pick her gift and he chose a Phineas & Ferb book and a Phineas & Ferb DS game, they both love that show.

Being the diva and modeling the new outfits from us (left) and Nana & Dave (right). My parents got her the Diary of the Wimpy Kid series and a whole bunch of Squinkies! She mentioned wanting them and we try to get the so-called "hot toy" for her birthday, rather than fighting crowds to get it at Christmas, win-win.

What are Squinkies, you may be asking? These!!!

Basically, they are itsy-bitsy squishy little pencil topper thingies, that come in tiny plastic bubbles, like a gum machine. They have playsets (she has a mini gumball machine, a mini tea set, and a bigger cupcake house) and a display thing. On the night of her birthday, we had 101 Squinkies, but my MIL found her two of the playsets, so I think we may have more at this point. On the bright side, no Squinkie hunting in December!

Back to the saga of the child who has nothing. My ILs got her an iTouch, and my MIL let her pick a Ponyville and Hello Kitty set after they went to lunch. Her godparents sent her birthday money (she cannot wait to go shopping!), my SIL did as well. My mom's best friend sent her beautiful glass bead earrings. Poor deprived princess. ;o)

Shaun told our waiter at On the Border that it was Faith's birthday. We thought we'd get a little dish of ice cream with a candle in it, but they brought out a huge brownie sundae! So yummy and more than enough for all of us to share.

All in all, a great day for the girl. Hard to believe she is 8 already!


  1. Happy Birthday Faith!

    Shannon she is adorable, what a great smile! My daughter is fifteen and I remember the piles of presents she would get. I love the last toy, that is so cool I would love that! ;D

  2. Happy happy day Faith!!! Looks like a wonderful time jam-packed full of love and smiles (and presents!).

    Shannon: You'll laugh at this. I must have skimmed this post while I was on my way to do something else. Didn't really sink into my memory -- or so I thought! Was standing in Target yesterday browsing for a present for the girls' BFF and suddenly remembered that "one of the blogs I read (couldn't remember who)" had said something about "this Christmas' hottest gift." My husband was dying as I was scanning up and down the aisles saying "They must have it, keep looking! It's somethink like screechies or scratchies or scruinkels or that!!" We eventually found thenm and BFF will be enjoying them later this week.


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