Easy Handprint Ghosts for Halloween

F&B helped me make a few simple Halloween decorations the other day. I forget where I saw these originally but I had to have a set of my very own.

Just two simple little ghosts ...

Two mini canvases, black & white paint, a brush and two kiddos willing to help. Craft supplies were from the Dollar Tree--two canvases for $1, paints for $1 a container, big bag of brushes for $1. I actually had all the supplies at home, so in theory, it was a free craft. ;o)

I painted the canvases the night before so they would dry. We painted palms, but I actually placed their hands on the canvas to get the right centering. Remove the hands and a ghost remains!

A bit of black paint for the face and a white name, and my custom artwork is ready to display.

Thinking back, this would be such an awesome idea to do each year and hang together, but of course, F&B are 8 and 5 now, so I'm missing a few years worth.


  1. Great idea! Will try with my little girl this weekend. Thanks!

  2. The ghosts are so cute! What a good idea!

  3. My daughter just made these in her maternelle (kindergarten) class yesterday!

    So cute!


  4. Anonymous5:28 AM

    How cool to create this on canvas. I do crafts on construction paper with my son and they don't last.


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