What My Children Are Reading - 10/2/10

I seem to keep forgetting to do this weekly, but it crossed my mind late last night, so I'm making a point adding it this week!

Ben's reading is coming along pretty well. He's finally pretty confident on the first Bob series and we've moved on to assorted other phonics readers. I had saved Faith's K and 1st Saxon readers, so those have been a great beginning. We've moved on to some other simple books I had forgotten I had, but they are perfect for Mr. Ben!

As these are both phonics readers, Dan the Ant, as one can assume, features the short A sound, while Doc Block features the short O. My parents also found a bunch of first reader books that were mine & my brother's when we were kids (my grandma was a first grade teacher, so we had lots of those kinds of materials). They sent them for Ben with Faith's birthday gift, so we'll be looking through those this week too.

For fun, he and I have enjoyed:

Too Many Toys - We love the David books, so had to try this one.
I Love My Pirate Papa - Ben still loves pirate stories!

Faith received a number of new fun books from her birthday. Because she had so many new ones she wanted to read, we took a week off official school literature as long as she was reading daily. She immediately started with Ben's gift (Phineas & Ferb), but has read quite a few others as well.

Phineas and Ferb: Big-Top Bonanza - Yes, it may not be quality literature, but we absolutely love Phineas & Ferb around here. How can you not love Perry?
Diary of a Wimpy Kid - I haven't read these, but I remember my 4th graders loving them. Faith is really liking them so far.


  1. We have Big Nate on our list for this past week. If F likes Wimpy Kid, she might like that too.

  2. It is neat being able to see what you children are reading. I have a four year old and we are moving into the beginning stages of recognizing words and spelling.

  3. Thanks for joining WMCIR! I plan to get Too Many Toys from the library the week after Anna's birthday :) Anna really enjoyed Usborne early phonic readers - the ones featuring Fat Cat, Jake the Snake, etc.


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