Recycled Art - Tissue Roll Advent Calendar Tutorial

Over the last couple of years, we've done a few Advent calendars. Ben has had the Playmobil pirate and the Lego City ones, Faith has had a Ponyville and a Littlest Pet Shop one. They've also had the regular ones with chocolate candies in each.

However, since we go to Canada, they open the first 15-20 days on schedule, then the last 5-10 doors all at once. It loses the fun, and honestly, they are kind of expensive that way. After thinking it over, I decided to make my own that fit better with our countdown to our trip versus a full out 25 days that we won't be home for.

With the help of my friendly neighborhood Dollar Tree, a whole lot of paper towel & toilet tissue rolls, and the already existing art display in my breakfast room, I constructed our countdown calendar for about $7 with a few extra goodies, lots of extra tissue and ribbon!

If you haven't been in my kitchen, I have a curtain rod mounted on one wall with cafe clips to hang artwork. I pulled down all the artwork temporarily to make room for the calendar. As a bonus, it looks really really cute hanging there.

Want to make your own? It was really, really easy! Gather up your goodies, tissue paper and ribbon. I made one tube for each day, with two of the same goodie in them. And I do mean the same goodie, right down to the identical color.

The next steps are pretty simple, stuff your tube with goodies, tape to the edge of a large piece of tissue paper, roll it up, tape off the other edge. I cut each sheet of tissue in half since I didn't really want huge fluffy ends to deal with.





Pinch/twist one of the edges together so it stays put.

Tie that end with a bit of ribbon, then repeat for the other side!

Trim the ribbon, add a number of tag! I cut my out on my Sizzix with a tag form and the Fun Serif numbers.

Repeat about 15-25 times, depending how many you need! They look just like Christmas crackers and so sweet hanging in the kitchen.


  1. This is really adorable! We may just try them next year! :)

  2. Awesome job!! That looks so fun!

  3. HI,

    I got your blog from MBC. Look forward to reading your blog! I liked it! Also NEW follower. I hope you'll check mine out and maybe follow!

    Your kids are so cute!


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