Homeschool Days

I've been meaning to, for quite awhile, to journal out a typical day of homeschooling material for F&B, just so I have a record of it somewhere. I do, obviously, have my planner, but sometimes, it's just nice to see what they are doing.

For Faith, 3rd grade this year, from earlier this week:
Handwriting - journal entry in best handwriting
Phonics - Explode the Code, book 8, 2 pages, -sion/-tion words
Spelling - Spelling Workout, writing sentences with spelling words (past tense, changing y to i)
Literature - finish the last two chapters of Stuart Little for book report later in week
Grammar - Shurley level 3, review pattern 2 sentences, contractions, workbook exercise 1-3
Math - Saxon 5/4, checking division with multiplication, timed facts 100 multiplication
Independent reading - at least 15-20 minutes daily, her choice

For Ben, in kindergarten:
Handwriting - copywork, journal entry
Phonics - Spectrum 1st Grade, long vowel review (with silent E)
Reading - Rhymes & Tales first grade reader (from my gram's classroom long ago)
Literature - listen to Flat Stanley, Flat Again, chapter 1 and 2
Math - Saxon 1st Grade - 1/2 and 1/4, timed facts addition (doubles, +0, +1)
Independent reading - Biscuit Takes a Walk (his choice)

Both (since some things can be combined):
Science - begin work on Thames & Kosmos Little Labs Colors kit
History - Story of the World, Volume 2 & activity book, Christianity Comes to Britain

Overall, I'm happy with everything but history. Not sure if Ben needs to go back to a beginning timeline for a logical beginning, and Faith seems less than interested right now in the current topic. It's very tempting to go back to Story of the World Volume 1, since Faith never did that at school, and begin again with the Old Testament and Egypt. She loves Egypt and I think she'd be happy to go back to it, plus she was pretty fond of the Greeks & Romans. We can always move along to the Middle Ages at a later point.

I actually think I'd like to find another history option for next year, but don't want to purchase anything without researching it first. I have enough options here to finish out this school year in some manner, then starting a new curriculum next year.


  1. Thank you for sharing. It is always nice to see what others are doing. You may want to look into Tapestry of Grace for next year. You can use it all the way through High School. We use it and love it.
    Coming over from Hip Homeschool Hop.

  2. Quick question: are both F&B homeschooled exclusively, or does F still attend a university model school?

  3. I like blogging about our day/week for the same reason.. a little record to remind myself where we are and what we are accomplishing. Later I can look back and see how far we've come. =)

    Hopping over from the hop. =)

  4. Hoppin' in from the Hip Homeschool Hop! I have a 3rd grader - using Grammar and Writing Handbook, All About Spelling, Handwriting Without Tears, Saxon 54, Apologia Zoology III, and History Pockets - and a Kindergartener - using Hooked on Phonics: Learn to Read, Handwriting Without Tears, Horizons K, and lapbooks. It's interesting to see what others are using!


  5. Hi there. Hopping over from the HHH. We use Sonlight for my 3rd grade daughter's History and she loves (so do I!). We used Tapestry of Grace last year and, while it didn't really work for us, I can see how it could be a great curriculum.

  6. Yiran, homeschooling both now, second full year for Faith, first year for Ben. My part-time job ended (the next year didn't have enough kids to justify to fourth grade classes), so we ended up bringing Faith home instead. It's been kind of nice, lots of flexibility and family time.

  7. Aha, thanks for clearing that up Shannon. And one thing that I definitely disagree with/despise about the whole main stream/public school system is that there is rarely any - or even no - flexibility.

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