Another Round of Deep Thoughts from Ben

Everyone enjoys a few good moments with Mr. Ben. I just wish I could write down a quarter of what he says that cracks us up.

BTW, this would be OptiBen Prime. Shaun & I got him the costume as a little VDay gift.

So, the transformer comes down to change. I help him out of his costume.
He is standing there in his underwear and socks, then takes off running and yelling "I'm a goalie, I'm a goalie!" What sport involves goalies playing in their underwear?

The other day, I sent the kids upstairs to play (and stay there), while I did some work in my office. Minutes later, Ben comes running downstairs really quickly to use the bathroom.
Me: Ben, why are you here? We have two bathrooms upstairs!
Ben: I'm used to this toilet.

With the weird Dallas weather (ice last week, 70s this week), Ben's allergies are in high gear.
Shaun: Ben, go in the kitchen and get a tissue, you need to blow your nose.
Ben: How come I have do to everything around here?

And last week, while driving to church ..
Ben: What time is it in Margaritaville?

So hoping he didn't ask the kids' pastor the last one!

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  1. LOL Your Ben sounds like quite a character....
    I'll be checking back for more stories... LOL

    I also have a son, but he is 18 now so those days are so precious. Enjoy your boys while they are young!!!

  2. Oh you bet he'll ask the pastor. That's what kids do you know, embarrass the heck out of us. Just remember to take pictures of Ben in his goalie outfit to show to any future girlfriends who might be interested.


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