Mars Needs Moms, or what my kids would miss if I moved to Mars

Mars Needs Moms, or what my kids would miss if I moved to Mars
Mars Needs Moms is a new Disney movie that F&B and I have on our list to go watch sooner than later. It's the story of a young boy, who goes to rescue his mom from the Martians, who have kidnapped Mom to help them with their young.

The question arose, "What would your kids miss about mom if she was abducted by aliens?" I asked F&B for some help, what would they miss about me if I moved to Mars.

Without further ado, I present the slightly humorous, slightly weird, top 10 things F&B would miss about me. Which took entirely too long for the two of them to come up with, which makes me wonder how many days I'd be living with those aliens before they noticed I wasn't here.

1. Ben: I wouldn't get lunch unless Daddy feeds me. [This coming from the child who told me that Daddy let him have a cupcake for dessert at breakfast the other day. I'm not sure this is something he'd miss or not.]

2. Faith: You couldn't tuck me in at night.

3. Faith: You wouldn't be able to tickle me, wait a minute, I don't think I'd miss that.

4. Ben: I wouldn't get to hug & kiss you and tell you I love you.

5. Faith: You wouldn't be able to make me bentos. I could probably make my own, but that is a lot of work.

6. Faith: I'd miss you being to help me with my schoolwork. Ben: I wouldn't have to do schoolwork anymore!

7. Faith: When we'd go on Canada trips, I'd miss you because you get us the snacks when Daddy is driving. And you hand us our bags to get our toys.

8. Ben: I'd miss you because you wouldn't be there to do the laundry. Daddy would have to do it. [Ben holds head after saying this.]

9. Faith: You wouldn't be there to make us yummy dinners.
Ben: Daddy would make us eat octopus.
Faith: We might have to starve.
Ben: Till Mommy gets back?

10. Faith: Mommy wouldn't be there to do my hair, except for ponytails, and Daddy can't really make good ponytails.

So what I've learned--I cook, I fix hair, I do laundry, and my kids had a lot of trouble coming up with this list. Oh, and I'm a snack dispenser on road trips, go me!

Wonder what they'd miss about their father?