Notes from the Great Dallas Snowpocalypse, 2011

Day 1, Tuesday, February 1 - Oh cool, there's ice. No big deal. We have food, we have snacks, we'll build a fire and just stay inside and enjoy ourselves. It's nice to have a surprise day off.

Day 2, Wednesday, February 2 - Oh good, more ice. At least I don't have to go to work today. But darn, church is canceled for the kids. Still have lots of food. And we can try deep frying cookie dough, we've always wanted to do that.

Day 3, Thursday, February 3 - There's still ice? Did hell freeze over in North TX? We are seriously running out of things to do, and if the tv goes on one more time, I just may have to kill someone. UPS man is taunting me too. Left my package at the front door. Front door is frozen shut. Shaun had to go around and chisel it open. Did get my package. Still have real food, but out of cookies, and ice cream, and chips, and Diet Coke.

Day 4, Friday, February 4 - Oh goodie, now we've got snow on top of the ice. That ought to make things better. Ready to cry from being stuck indoors. Going to Kroger sounds like a treat. Good news, Shaun went to the store and we now have Diet Coke again. Bad news, I didn't get to go with him, so I have been in this house since Monday night. Still have real food, but no desire to cook/eat any of it. Thank God, he brought me ice cream too.

Day 5, Saturday, February 5 - We are getting out of the house today or going to die trying.

As for tomorrow, we are going to a Super Bowl party if I have to hire a dog sled to get us there.

Pretty sure my sanity went sometime mid-week.


  1. This morning Zachary said, "I need to see the outside world!"

  2. This is hilarious. Meanwhile, I sent ya a message on facebook.

  3. Shannon
    Long time no see...hear...whatever. I just came across an article in Family Fun and freaked. HEY! I know who those two kiddos are. You know what the give away was? The muffin tin.
    I know what you mean about the snow. I realize Punksutawny Phil has declared an early spring, but I want to know exactly what day I can expect that spring. I don't think there is enough Ibuprofen in this world to rescue my back from snow shoveling anymore.
    The school district declared a delayed start this morning and I declared I was more intelligent than that and kept the kids home. It's 0 degrees and has been snowing since 9:30 last night. I'm not setting foot out there, let alone driving in it.


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