President's Day Homeschool Fun

Since we're all still a little meh about our current history curriculum, we tossed it aside last week to do some President's Day stuff.

I finally renewed my Enchanted Learning membership, just in time to download some President's Day stuff. F&B searched with me and both really wanted to make the printable books. Why argue? Ben's was right on level for him, Faith's was probably a little easier than she needed, but she really likes the tab style books. She still has last year's St. Patrick's Day and Solar System ones saved in her dresser drawer.

Mr. Ben opted for Lincoln and Washington circle books. Of course, one page in the Washington book mentioned that he is on our $1 bill, so Ben decided all Washingtons should be green, silly kid. However, all Lincolns do not have to be brown like a penny, just in case you were wondering.

Faith did Washington and Lincoln as well, but the tabbed books with more information on the presidents and a timeline at the end.

We also read several books, and while not entirely factual, John, Paul, George & Ben by Lane Smith was the favorite. (We also liked If You Grew Up with George Washington by Ruth Belov Gross, and need to get the Abraham Lincoln book from the same series. These were mine from my classroom several years ago.)

And the most important thing we learned--George Washington has the same birthday as Daddy! There was some debate about who was older (Ben has apparently decided that Daddy is ancient), but we found out just in time for Daddy's birthday tomorrow!


  1. I love enchanted learning! I just realized this week that my membership had expired... Thanks for the reminder of why I need to reknew! ;D

    Visiting from HHH!


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