There's a method to my madness

For most of our homeschooling, I've stuck with curriculums I've liked that work well for my kids. I'm happy with what we've chosen for math, grammar, phonics, and so on. History, I could be happier and we may switch things up a little next year. As for science, we're using various and sundry kits to explore new ideas.

But with literature, I haven't found one curriculum that I love. I found one that might have been close, if it didn't require a ton of prep work on my part (it used literature as the basis for history and science too, but without a detailed manual, so my research to use the books took more time than I spent using the material). Since them, I've taken advantage of CurrClick and some of the neat downloads I've found there to supplement books Faith enjoys.

And that's where my latest brilliant idea came in. Rather than just picking random books, I wanted to use literature as a jumping off point for other books I want her to read. A lot of my list for her is not books I want to assign for schoolwork, most of those are books I loved just for themselves, so I want her to enjoy them for their own sake.

So, in that flash of brilliance, I had her read Stuart Little for school in November/December. We did a unit study on Stuart and a book report.

And I realized a couple of weeks ago that she had picked up Charlotte's Web on her own to read, because it was the same author as Stuart Little.

So I looked around, found a great unit study for Beezus and Ramona, along with the promise to watch the movie when we were done the book, and she read that one over the last couple of weeks.

Tonight, Shaun had to put copious amounts of time in at Half Price Books to find Miss Faith a copy of Ramona the Pest to call her own.

I love it when things work out the way I want them too.


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