Pioneer Thoughts, from Faith

I've been pretty vocal on how I really want Faith to read the Little House on the Prairie series. My mom bought it for me in Grade 2 and I read the series many, many times over the years. Since my own set is somewhere at my parents' house, I slowly pieced together a set for Faith via Half Price Books and it's up in her bedroom, in the bookcase, just begging to be read.

I may have mentioned to her a few times (OK, a whole lot of times) how much I truly love those books. Earlier, she asked me if she could start reading them or if I wanted to save them for a school assignment. Yay! I told her to go ahead and read as many as she wants, we don't have to do a related assignment or we can some other time. I am more than OK with her just reading them for the sake of reading them!

So she took Little House in the Big Woods to TKD with her today, to read during Shaun's class. She came home and told me she read the first chapter, but had a few questions.

Faith: OK, first of all, what's a bladder?
Me: Well, it's kind of a sack of skin/tissue inside you, sort of near your stomach, and that's where your body stores pee, before you go to the bathroom.
Faith (looking thoroughly disgusted): EWWWWWWW! The book said her father *blew* up a pig bladder. And then they played *ball* with it!
Me: Yes ...
Faith (even more perturbed): And they roasted a pig tail! And then they *ate* it! They actually ate a pig tail.
Me: Yes ...
Faith: I would not have been able to survive in pioneer times at all.

You know, I think she's right about the last part.


  1. Very cute!! I don't think I would have survived either :-D
    Here from HHH!

  2. Ha. I remember being grossed out by many things in the LHP books. Do you have the cookbook? (I do -- lots of interesting recipes, no roasted pig's tails, though). =) I wanted to make everything like Ma did -- butter and cheese especially -- although the food in Farmer's Boy is much better. I remember liking a part where Almanzo eats apple pie at the end of his breakfast before the sheep shearing. Pie for breakfast, I remember thinking, is awesome!

  3. Your daughter sounds adorable!

    How awesome that you guys share LHP in common.

    I read Babysitters Club when I was young. There is no way my boys will ever read that! :)


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