Recycled Art - Chipboard Coaster Thank You Note Magnets

Because that title is exceptionally short & witty, isn't it?

I was perusing Dollar Store Crafts today and saw this post asking what can you do with chipboard coasters.

Now, I have a really large question of chipboard coasters, in that I save every coaster I come across that is usable. I've used them a lot for mini scrapbooks and for embellishments on regular scrapbook pages, but I have a feeling that is the standard answer and that the person asking is looking for new ideas.

So I pulled these off my fridge, took pictures, and decided I needed to share my thank you note magnets!

On one side of a restaurant chipboard coaster, cover it with some sort of pretty patterned paper. Embellish it a little, and add a picture of the birthday boy or girl!

In the above, Ben's has one patterned paper, a couple of ribbons and a rub-on embellishment. Faith's has two patterned papers, some pop-dot butterflies and ribbon. (FYI, she's 3 in that picture, Ben is 1 in his.)

Now on the back, cover it with plain or very light colored patterned paper. Write your thank you note on the back, affix a flat magnet to the upper center, and you've got a thank you note, a birthday picture and a magnet all in one! They fit into invitation envelopes that I bought at one of the office stores nearby.

Even better, it's recycling in its finest. I reused coasters, used bits and ends of scrapbook paper with no other purpose, and I did not go buy thank you notes that will be subsequently thrown in the trash. Earth friendly and cute!


  1. Wow, those look great. Thanks for sharing!


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