Recycled Art - Soda Bottle Jellyfish

Faith and I got a cool book in the mail the other day to review for MomTrends (a site I sometimes write for). It's about making art from recycled materials, so we can't wait to try it. As well, this month's Family Fun magazine has a pretty cool cardboard dollhouse with egg carton furniture that we also want to try.

But until we get on those two projects, we've got another one to share, thanks to her Brownie leaders. It's a soda bottle jellyfish, all out of recycled or scrap materials.

To make Mr. Jellyfish, you'll need an empty/rinsed 2 liter soda bottle, leftover birthday ribbons and some scrap cardstock. You'll also need a good sharp pocket knife to cut the bottle and a hole puncher.

For the body, cut the end of the bottle off, sand if needed to remove any sharp edges. Punch holes around the edges, then slip knot colored ribbon through each hole. Make eyes out of cardstock (we used my scrapbook tools for this) and adhere to the body. Voila! A jellyfish

He makes a lovely hat, as Faith demonstrates, but I think we're going to add one last ribbon through the top center to hang him up.


  1. What a fun way to recycle. Love it!

  2. Very cute! Great recycling craft!

  3. going to use water bottles instead of soda ( in MI $.10 deposit)... maybe could be a Space Alien theme for a boy's birthday party...


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