Recycled Art - Wrapping Paper Roll Light Saber

I have now learned that May the 4th is Star Wars Day.

I didn't get it at first--a blogging buddy had to explain how "May the Fourth Be With You". Then I got it. Ben, once I explained it to him, loved the idea.

So we've made Star Wars cookies (recipe here), a Star Wars themed bento, read a couple of Ben's Star Wars books, and we made a light saber!

It was another fun recycled project, with a wrapping paper tube, a sheet of tissue paper, a bit of extra tin foil and some tape. I rolled the tissue paper first, sealed it, then the tinfoil handle, then finally the thin band of tinfoil to hide the joining line (and hopefully prevent little fingers from unsealing the edges).
  • Wrap the tissue paper around the end of the tube and seal it with some scotch tape along the edge.
  • Fold tin foil and wrap it around the opposite edge, overlapping the tissue paper.  Seal it with scotch tape too.
  • Add a ring of tape or another piece of foil over the joined spot to prevent unsealing the paper

Ben is very excited to play with his "life saver". Faith is requesting one in pink. I'm thinking birthday party potential for Mr. Ben!


  1. I could think of about 15 kids that would love these! Very cute...and economical!


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