Sunny Side Up Show Chica Puppet, in progress

A friend of mine was mentioning on Facebook that she was unable to find a Chica puppet for her little girl, and that there isn't merchandise from the Sunny Side Up Show.

Since I always need a new project, I googled what the Sunny Side Up Show is, what Chica is, and realized, "Hey, that's not as hard as I thought it would be." So off Mr. Ben and I went to the store to get felt, and I managed to sketch out a workable pattern.

It still needs to be sew together, but I'm thinking it is coming along fairly well. The color is somewhere between both pictures, they are taken with my iPhone so I could upload to Facebook.

Chica Puppet in progress
Cut, pinned, ready to sew (iPhone pic)

Chica Puppet first attempt
Template and first attempt, the body is too long (iPhone pic)

This is what Chica looks like, I kind of like the saying

I was thinking of adding batting to the wings/head, but wondering if that might make it too heavy ...

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  1. I LOVE that this has become a project for you, and I can't wait to see how it turns out. =)


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